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We are not your typical video production company. Offering different packages, we provide flexibility to create your vision. You are seeking unique video needs, let a unique company such as Full Motion Media, capture it.


You need video, here’s why

People tend to only remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but astonishingly can recall 70% of what is seen and heard. Unsurprisingly, video has become a viable asset in advertising, marketing, and other forms of communication. Using video to promote your product or service is second to none. 


Montage Style

Being cognizant of your budget and wanting an excellent video product aren’t contradictory. By combining pre-existing images and footage either provided by you or from our
extensive stock library, coupled with a solid concept, professionally written script, and voice-over narration we create a unique montage-style video without the added cost of an on-location shoot.
Montage Style Package
starting at $425.00

This video package was designed with you in mind:

•        Up to 30 seconds*
•        Creative concept and script development
•        Client-provided images & footage
•        Images & footage from our stock library
•        Professional voice-over narration
•        Professional post-production
•        Text and graphics
•        Royalty-free music

*Up to 60 seconds add $100 to this package

Documentary Style

Our documentary-style videos offer you the perfect solution to showcase your business or product. This is a great avenue if you want to incorporate your employees and customers into the branding experience. Our cinematographers will conduct on-camera interviews, customer testimonials, facility tours, and live product demos. All of these elements are
combined to create a high impact, valuable ad.

Documentary Style Package
starting at $850.00

Save money and get original custom video shot just for you. This packages features the following:

•        Up to 30 seconds
•        2-hour on-location video shoot
•        Professional post-production
•        Text and graphics
•        Royalty-free music

*Up to 60 seconds add $100 to this package


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